Nomad Bibshort Choco – Men’s cycling bib short – Ergonomic geometry for PRO riders. PURE essence, water-resistant material, with Elastic Interface © cycling pad. By TACTIC

Today I am here, tomorrow who knows. This is the spirit of the Nomad, the new cargo bibshort launched by Tactic this season. Three pockets should be more than enough to carry all the essential stuff for having the adventure of your life.

Without mistakes. No unnecessary and foreign elements. One of the best cycling bibs in the world.

Cycling PRO-ride bib short, without the necessary seams, with compression fabric, SigmaGrip technology for better grip and adhesion to the cyclist’s body, the Elastic Interface © cycling liner provide maximum comfort, aerodynamics, and at the same time elegance. The best of the cycling bib shorts segment. Minimalism, elegance, perfection. Ergonomic geometry for PRO riders

NOMAD Bibshort Choco description

PATTERN – RACE POSITION / ERGONOMIC GEOMETRY. Adapts perfectly no matter your position on the bicycle.

COLOR – Brown

STRAPS – Smooth, perforated and elastic for maximum breathability.

PAD – “KING” from Elastic Interface. Guarantees a use of between 6 and 8 hours on the bicycle.

FABRICS – Highly elastic and adaptable lycra.

PANT LEG FITTINGS – Flat seams to avoid chafing and with reflective strips on the back part.


For the correct size, please see the size chart.

Care and cleaning

  • Do not leave in a bag without ventilation (plastic bag, sports bag, etc.) after use.
  • Turn clothing inside-out before placing in the washing machine.
  • Zip up all of the zippers to avoid damaging them.
  • Do not wash with items of clothing that have velcro, as they are liable to permanently damage the fabrics. e.g cycling gloves.
  • Wash with cold water.
  • Use natural soap.
  • It is very important that you do not use fabric softeners.
  • Do not machine dry.

Instructions for Care and Cleaning is available on our web as well.

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NOMAD bib shorts choco NOMAD bib shorts choco


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