Mesh base layer is intended to be worn under cycling bibs.

The anatomical unisex cut is designed to be worn under cycling bibs, the front part is shorter than the back part so that it does not shrink and do not interfere with movement. Thanks to the cut, it is also popular with ladies during indoor workouts. Design Made in Girona

Mesh baselayer Girona description

COLOR – White.

MINIMALISM – Minimum seams. This mesh baselayer is in total contact with the skin so it’s important to reduce the seams to avoid pressure points.

SLEEVE – No sleeves.

FABRICS – SUPERLIGHT. Made of hollow fibers that make the product light and pleasant. This fibers will bring to the exterior the moisture to keep your body totally dry.

WEIGHT – ultra-light, only 46g


For the correct size, please see the size chart.

Care and cleaning

  • Do not leave in a bag without ventilation (plastic bag, sports bag, etc.) after use.
  • Turn clothing inside-out before placing in the washing machine.
  • Zip up all of the zippers to avoid damaging them.
  • Do not wash with items of clothing that have velcro, as they are liable to permanently damage the fabrics. e.g cycling gloves.
  • Wash with cold water.
  • Use natural soap.
  • It is very important that you do not use fabric softeners.
  • Do not machine dry.

Instructions for Care and Cleaning is available on our web as well.

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Mesh base layer Girona tactic MESH BASELAYER GIRONA ORIGIN t...


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